Welcome to Integrate Therapy

01. Welcome


Integrate Therapy & Consulting provide practical support to deal with personal and workplace issues in a common sense and supportive way.

Integrate Therapy and Consulting is a like-minded group of Counsellors, Psychologists and Psychotherapists from various backgrounds including education, health, justice and welfare sectors. 

We provide a safe and non-judgemental space that offers hope for change through a focused approach tailored to your individual needs.

In-person sessions are available in our West Perth office, with regularly scheduled visits to the north and southwest regions. Online telehealth sessions are always available.




Integrate Therapy & Consulting provide a range of specialist services that are individually tailored and designed to improve your mental health.

Choosing the right Therapist is important, so you need to determine who the best professional is for you.
Counsellors have a range of skill sets and may have completed a short training course or studied up to the Masters level; they usually offer guidance. Psychiatrists are trained medical doctors who diagnose and then prescribe necessary medications to manage and treat various mental illness such as depression, anxiety, ADHD and psychosis.

Psychologists can diagnose mental health disorders and illnesses and offer regular appointments to treat symptom’s. Psychotherapists are trained to recognise various mental illness, treat the immediate symptom in a similar way to psychologists and then seek to understand the cause of the symptom you experienced, or perhaps notice a pattern of recurrence.

Psychoanalytic Therapy is a treatment approach of in depth talk therapy that explores how unconscious, deeply buried, repressed emotions or experiences may be shaping current behaviours, feelings or thoughts. Psychoanalytic therapy is the treatment of choice when the problem is deeply rooted in the character and personality structure. This is often a longer term and more intense process to explore a person’s history and understand if any past events had a particular impact on life and may be affecting current concerns or presenting as recurrent experiences. Sessions are at least weekly and can continue for weeks, months or even years with many people deeply exploring who they are.



We know how hard it can be to reach out for support. You’ve likely been thinking of seeking help for months if not years. We’re so glad you found us and have taken the courageous step of being here.

05. Testimonials


“… you were very helpful in getting me to unpack many issues of my own that I wouldn’t have thought about without you. Thank you very much! Hope to maybe see you again if I need more help.” (Oct 2020)

“Hi ……, I am emailing firstly to apologise, I was supposed to book another appointment with {name} last week but I was a bit overwhelmed after our first session – she said that might happen! I found my session with {name} very helpful and eye opening; you do great work and I am looking forward to our next appointment.”(Oct 2020)

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you – I have a much better relationship with my son now. I understand what makes me tick – which helps me recognise what is making him tick. I am so grateful that we have a more comfortable and open relationship.” (July 2019)

“It is incredible how you remember everything I tell you, with no notes. I love that you don’t spend the session writing things down” (July 2021)

03. Testimonials