Psycho-social Consulting

Integrate Therapy and Consulting offer:

  • Consultation with executive teams & line managers
  • Consultation or debriefing around workplace conflict, anxiety or low morale
  • Development of a mental health strategic plan
  • Risk assessment and protocols for risk management
  • Support in understanding individual mental health within the workplace
  • Treatment planning including recovery orientated practice for individual clients; supporting EAP strategies

Consultation is tailored to your organisational and individual staff needs. This ensures containment, safety and stability for all involved.

An employee who is in therapy or has a diagnosed mental illness can sometimes place strain on productivity and organisational structures and systems. Stress and anxiety around best practice and what you can and can’t do, or say, often emerge – leading to issues of isolation, bullying or exclusion within a team. These conflicts often emerge around issues of risk and duty of care reducing team efficacy, productivity and job satisfaction affecting various facets of your organisational systems.

Consultation with Integrate Therapy & Consulting will allow individuals to navigate their roles, responsibilities, work and relationships while focussing on the goals of the organisation ensuring maximum productivity. 

 We will work collaboratively with you to develop, implement and evaluate a mental health strategic plan in your workplace. This must align with your organisations vision and values and directly link with your overall business plan. Our lead consultant is highly experienced at establishing these connections and integrating a mental health plan that synthesises with your organisations framework. Having a tailored plan is an integral part of your organisations success to ensure inclusivity and promote opportunities for growth and success.

All training and consultation integrates R.E.S.C.U.

  • REDUCE STIGMA associated with mental health illness and increase support
  • EARLY INTERVENTION recognise warning signs and potential triggers of mental health problems
  • SKILL PROVISION provide necessary skills to speak to someone about their mental health, provide support for appropriate referral and strategies for working with someone impacted by mental health
  • CRISIS MANAGEMENT managing a mental health crisis in a team/workplace
  • UNDERSTAND the illness or disorder and how it impacts the individual and others

Why Integrate Therapy and Consulting Training?

We can improve;

  • collegiality, 
  • productivity and goal attainment
  • role clarity,
  • improved collaboration, working relationships, and staff morale

It is a sustainable and cost effective way to support staff, provide inclusivity while promoting a healthy mindset and understanding towards mental illness.

We also provide a range of psychotherapy services.