Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

Amanda Oliver, the Director and founder of Integrate Therapy & Consulting has completed clinical training in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy in preparation for this new wave of treatment options for PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress-Disorder) and treatment resistant mental illnesses.

Amanda is qualified in the therapeutic practice of psychedelic integration designed to help people better understand and integrate their altered state experience positively into their life.



The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has recently announced a change to the classification of MDMA and psilocybin to enable authorised psychiatrists to prescribe these powerful medicines for medicinal purposes from 1st July 2023.

While the use of these drugs recreationally is still illegal, various clinical trials are happening world-wide and across Australia using MDMA for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and psilocybin for treatment resistant depression. Read the full media release here.

The word integration literally means “to blend into a functioning or unified whole”. Some people may have experienced a bad trip and felt disorientated or frightened so being able to function again and feel whole is an important part of the healing process. It is possible that the feeling of disorientation or not feeling whole again, can last beyond the impact of the psychedelic trip. Others may have had a mystical experience, and seek a way to sustain the feeling, integrating it into a part of their everyday life by changing the default mode network. Regardless of what was experienced, there is an opportunity for self-growth and deeper understanding and connection, of and with self, and others.

Amanda works from a harm-reduction model providing psychedelic medicine preparation and integration therapy. She will talk to you about your expectations and experience to help you make sense of it, in a non-judgemental and non-interpretive way. Each experience is unique and is held with deep reverence to support you to form your own necessary insights and move forward in your life and healing.

Goals of Psychedelic Integration

  • Making sense of your psychedelic experience; understanding and clarifying
  • Using the information to sustain positive change in your everyday life
  • Deeply exploring your visual, physical and psychical experiences to gain insight into self
  • Managing and integrating to sustain any new perspectives around your reality or relation to self and others
  • Processing and coping with any difficult, or possibly traumatic psychedelic experience


Integrate Therapy & Consulting does not provide or support the use of illegal substances. However, emerging therapeutic benefit from significant global research is acknowledged and constantly being reviewed. Furthermore, Integrate Therapy & Consulting acknowledges that people do sometimes choose to take risks and use psychedelic substances that may result in an altered conscious state and require support before, during and after. As such, having completed the recommended training in Australia, the service of psychedelic integration therapy is offered as a harm reduction modality to promote healing and recovery from psychedelic experiences.