About Us



Amanda launched Integrate Therapy & Consulting in 2020 after working as a sole practitioner supporting individuals experiencing challenges to integrate intersecting aspects of daily life.  The opportunity to integrate personal development, career aspirations, family responsibilities or hopes and dreams, health issues and relationships is paramount to her vision to “Integrate the now, Improve the future”.

Amanda has a Masters of Counselling & Psychotherapy, a Graduate Diploma in Psychological Science and recently completed a Certificate in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. She is also a trained Mediator and Mental Health First Aid Facilitator. Her passion and commitment to working in the Mental Health and well-being sector stems from her early career as a high school teacher and school leader where she experienced frustration with the lack of support services available to young people and their families.

Amanda has extensive experience working internationally within education, health and welfare sectors. She specialises in complex issues often affecting adolescents and their families such as behaviour, personality disorders, risk taking, anxiety and depression, self-harm and suicidal ideation. These issues often recur in adult relationships affecting daily life. With a keen interest in recognising the cause or onset of symptoms, Amanda adopts a psychoanalytic approach to her practice and is a Psychoanalyst in formation with the World Association of Psychoanalysis. This is an ambitious form of therapy aimed at stimulating change as one comes to understand patterns of repetition, dissatisfaction or suffering in one’s life through exploring the relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind. She is passionate about not just alleviating symptoms but helping people to understand and resolve patterns of behaviour. Amanda is a leader in her field.

Amanda has significant leadership experience, with a Masters of Educational Leadership, leading teams and working 1:1 with individuals in goal setting and resolving long standing issues and patterns of behaviour. Her experience includes delivering nationally accredited Mental Health First Aid Training tailored to specific workplaces and issues, coupled with executive consultation to address workplace issues of conflict or low productivity. Amanda is highly experienced in completing individual and workplace risk assessments and developing and implementing risk management plans.

Amanda works well during intense situations and emotional crisis. She is also a trained mediator having facilitated restorative justice between young offenders and victims of crime, and frequently mediates family disputes and workplace issues.

With an interest in working with pre-teens, adolescents, their parents and adult individuals living with mental health issues, she develops an excellent rapport with young people and adult individuals quickly, providing a safe and confidential space to talk openly. Amanda identifies and captures patterns of behaviour that are impacting the lives of her clients, both personally and professionally. Often the issues that are causing pain are shaped by past experiences which continue to affect us, often staying locked away in the unconscious part of our minds yet continue to influence how we react in a present situation.

Her interests include:

  • Addiction
  • Adolescents
  • Anger
  • Anxiety and depression
  • ATAR exam and high school/university stress
  • Body image issues
  • Dissociative disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Emotional crisis
  • Exclusion, bullying & isolation
  • Family relationships/conflict
  • FIFO lifestyle
  • Individual (Men’s/Women’s issues)
  • Life transitions
  • Mental health (including youth mental health)
  • Panic disorder & attacks
  • Parenting issues (new parents, new grand-parent role)
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Relationship issues
  • Self-development/Self-esteem
  • Self-harm & suicidal ideation
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Stress (juggling work, family and life)
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Troubled teens
  • Work life balance